Elvie Loves Her Minnie Nuk

When we first met Elvie, and she was unbelievably tiny, we offered her a pacifier. We chose Nuk brand because I knew a lot of kids who used them and liked them, and with that handy handle, it was easy to tether them to things. Elvie had never taken a pacifier before, but she loved it from first suck. Her first pacifiers were all in Size 1, for ages 0-6 months, and when we tried to size up once she grew, she was not interested. I got a little tired of the original pacifiers we’d bought, and we kept losing them, so I added to her collection, choosing fun designs and colors that would coordinate with her outfits. We were given some Minnie and Mickey Nuks, but they were in a bigger size, and were summarily rejected. I was a little bit bummed, because these pacifiers are so cute. Much to my delight, we recently discovered that the Minnie and Mickey designs are available in Size 1 from Babies”R”Us.

Now Elvie is a happy camper, with the adorable Minnie Mouse Nuks at her disposal, in the size that she prefers. You can purchase the Mickey Mouse Nuk Pacifier in Size 1 exclusively at Babies”R”Us. And of course, there is the matching Minnie set, which are Elvie’s favorite. If your baby is anything like our Elvie, you’ll be able to use these adorable pacifiers from the newborn stage through toddlerhood. Whether you’re expecting or have a newborn in your life and would like to try a pacifier, I highly recommend starting with these.

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