5 Environmentally Friendly Parenting Tips for the Green Mama

Want to reduce the carbon footprint of baby’s first steps? In honor of Earth Day this week, I’ve collected five environmentally friendly ideas for the Earth Mama and her green baby!

  • Eco-Parenting Tips for Green Mamas

    Eco-Parenting Tips for Green Mamas

    There’s no reason as new mom that you can’t be kind to Mother Nature as you parent your little ones. Here are some easy, earth-friendly tips to turn your parenting into eco-parenting!

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  • Breastfeeding is Earth-Friendly

    Breastfeeding is Earth-Friendly

    Sure, there’s the saying that “breast is best” but let’s face it: not only does breastfeeding help save you money, there’s no unnecessary waste generated either. You’ll have less containers of formula to throw out and less bottles to wash, helping to cut down on your water consumption.

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  • Make Your Own Baby Food

    Make Your Own Baby Food

    Now that spring is here, we’re in the early stages of farmers’ market season. What a perfect time to help support your local farmers by buying fresh, local produce and making your own baby food? By reusing your own storage containers or snack bags, you help cut down on discarding packaging waste while boosting the health and vitality of your local farming community.

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  • Take Baby for a Walk

    Take Baby for a Walk

    Looking to get out of the house for a little bit? Why take the car when you can take your little one on a walk to enjoy a bit of fresh air and some sunshine! Not only is all that sunshine-y Vitamin D great for you and baby, save yourself the gas and carbon emissions by firing up your Winnie the Pooh Geo stroller instead of your car.

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  • Go Paperless & Start a Family Blog

    Go Paperless & Start a Family Blog

    Who doesn’t love a good family newsletter with updates about baby? Now, in the age of social media and blogging, it’s even easier and faster to share more dynamic versions of your family news! Consider using a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress to get started by uploading photos and sharing family stories. By going paperless, you can save yourself the costs of paper, printing and mailing and take your family news online!

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  • Ditch the Harsh Chemicals

    Ditch the Harsh Chemicals

    While it might seem like there’s a cleaner or scrub for every surface in your home, you can accomplish much of the same tasks with just white vinegar, water, and baking soda. Add a few drops of lemon juice or lavender oil to your homemade cleaning mixtures to freshen up the room without having to worry about all the harsh chemical smells. By keeping household cleaners chemical free, your ground water table will thank you!

    Or, for another easy option, check out these cleaners from Baby ECOS!

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