Easy DIY: Celtic Knot Wool Headbands for Mom & Baby!

Head-wraps and headbands. The saving grace of many a busy mama come early morning school drop-offs and/or strolls to the park. As a mother with long, finicky hair, there just isn’t enough time everyday to primp and preen in the mirror. I’m all about quick, good-looking accessories that help draw attention away from the fact that maybe I didn’t have time to wash my hair that day.

Now that the cold weather is upon us (where I live anyway), warmth is also important. So I hacked this Celtic knot head-warmer that I’ve been seeing a lot of (and adore) thinking ahead to some of the gifts I’d like to make for family and friends. I especially love that these headbands look adorable on babies and toddlers too, making this a wonderful gift to make for new moms and their little gals!

  • Simple, Cute & Warm!

    Simple, Cute & Warm!

    Follow along on with this simple, versatile tutorial for handmade gift giving! (Or, you know, for yourself on those chilly early mornings.)

  • Materials


    All you need for this project is:
    1. Felted wool sweater in colour of your choice (how to felt: purchase wool sweater(s) from a second hand store and simply wash on the hot cycle a few times and dry! They’ll shrink and felt up beautifully.)
    2. Measuring tape (or quilting ruler as I ended up using.)
    3. Quality sewing scissors.
    4. Sewing machine (but not totally necessary! There is such minimal sewing involved you could hand-stitch or fold over and hot-glue the ends together.)
    That’s it!

  • - STEP ONE -

    - STEP ONE -

    Cut along the bottom of the sweater or under the arms; nice wide, 4″ bands as you want this to be more like a head-warmer, but if you want it thinner, by all means! This would look great using jersey (old t-shirts), too.
    I loved that this was an ombre sweater (cashmere wool for 2 bucks at Goodwill!) so I cut one band from the deep purple section of the sweater and the other one from the light lavender.

  • - STEP TWO -

    - STEP TWO -

    If you’re making one for your baby or toddler, cut two 2″ bands, if not skip to the next step!

  • - STEP THREE -

    - STEP THREE -

    Stretch out the bands and cut at the seams as shown. You’re ready to begin the knot!

  • - STEP FOUR -

    - STEP FOUR -

    Begin by placing one of the bands into a crossed loop onto your work surface as shown in the top image to the left.
    Place the second band OVER the first band in an open ended loop as shown in the bottom image to the left.

  • - STEP FIVE -

    - STEP FIVE -

    Okay, here’s where things get slightly tricky.
    Bring the first band’s (the crossed loop you put down first) top strip (in this case the light lavender) OVER the top of the top of second band’s open-ended loop (the deep purple band in my case as shown).
    The left side of that second (deep purple) piece gets brought under the loop of the first (light lavender as shown). You with me? You’ve got this!

  • - STEP SIX -

    - STEP SIX -

    Here comes the part that I had to do a couple of times, but now that I’ve nailed it, I can whip these off in minutes! I’m definitely making some for friends and little babies and toddlers I know this Holiday season.
    So. Bring the right side strip of the second band (deep purple as shown) over the crossed over loop of the second band (deep purple still), gently pulling it under the left side of the second (yep, still the deep purple band) out and over the first (light lavender) loop. Just follow those images! It may seem tricky but really is quite simple one you get the nick of it!

  • - STEP SEVEN -

    - STEP SEVEN -

    You see what we have there? You’re in the home-stretch. Gently pull the knot together, making it as tight as you want – I opted for something a little looser as the felted wool is really thick and warm.

  • - STEP EIGHT -

    - STEP EIGHT -

    Play around with the knot, flipping over the curled edges and hiding the seam if you want. I like the seam out so I left it showing.
    Next comes the measuring of heads and cutting. Pick it up and wrap it around your head, tugging it a bit as it’s quite stretchy and you want it to stay snug on your head after sewing! Hold the strips at the back of your head and gingerly take it off your head keeping your hands clasped around that spot on the strips. This is where you cut. (Follow the pictures!) If you’re making one for your baby/toddler, measure their headband the same way!

  • - STEP NINE -

    - STEP NINE -

    Let’s finish these beauties up.
    Lay the headband top-side down and bring the ends to together, flipping them as shown so you get an invisible seam when finished.
    Use straight pins if you like as a guide for the ends to keep them together as you sew.

  • - STEP TEN -

    - STEP TEN -

    Adjust your machines settings to have a tighter stitch (the tension setting), as close to the edge as your machine will allow.
    Sew up all four ends, (you’ll notice I didn’t bother changing the thread colour because I was lazy) and you’re done!

  • Tight Seams

    Tight Seams

    As I’ve mentioned, you can totally hand-stitch this, or fold under the ends a bit and hot-glue them together. I wanted these to last though many washes and the tugging that my daughter will inevitably give hers.

  • Voila!


    That’s it!

  • Can Be Worn Multiple Ways

    Can Be Worn Multiple Ways

    You can wear this under or over your hair, when it’s down, or when it’s up in a messy bun. The best thing about this thick headband is that it hides the imperfections that come along with new motherhood. It’s a quick way to hide less-than-desirable bangs when we don’t have time to shower and still look put together while keeping warm!

  • As You Can See...

    As You Can See...

    This headband is most adorable on the little ones.

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