Easy but Awesome Birthday Card for a First-Time Dad

This past week I celebrated another birthday. It wasn’t a milestone number or a big party — it was simply turning 34. Although, there was one part of this birthday that set it apart from all the rest…so far.


It was my first birthday as a father. While I loved all the cards and gifts I received, without a doubt there was one that stood out above the rest.
Celebrating with family was the perfect way to spend the day. When it came time for presents, they were all perfect. Though one unexpected surprise was the card I got from my son. At 11 months old, yes, he had (some) help, but the joy of receiving it caught me off guard. It was something I’d never received before. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of getting a handmade card. So when I opened it up and saw it, I realized it was exactly what I wanted.

The card was the absolute perfect gift that I never expected. Seeing the handprints and footprints of our little guy on a card was the perfect way to celebrate my first birthday as a father. It was simple, yet sentimental and the perfectly unexpected surprise.

There will be many more gifts like this through the years. Christmas ornaments, Father’s Day, other birthdays, and more. While they will always be special and a wonderful gift to receive. On this day, my 34th birthday, this one card will always take the cake as my first handmade card as a father.

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