Earth-Friendly Disney Baby Toys for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, you guys. A day to remember our roots, quite literally, and prioritize our planet’s health — after all, it’s the only habitat we have.

And because of that, many new parents feel a more urgent need to make our world, our children’s world, a healthier and cleaner place. Yet I was SHOCKED at how much waste an itty-bitty baby can produce. From endless diapers to short-lived plastic baby gear, parenting can cause even the most eco-conscious parent to increase their landfill contribution.

So if you’re looking for ways to minimize your footprint-after-baby, eco-friendly toys are a good place to start. And that’s why I was super excited to see Disney Baby team up with one of my favorite eco-conscious toy companies, Miyim, with a line of toys — including this super-cute Winnie the Pooh and Friends Bowling Set:

eco-friendly disney pooh

Miyim uses organic cotton and recycled fiber filling in all of their stuffed toys — including this sweet bowling set.

Disney Baby + Miyim also teamed up for this oh-so-adorable Winnie the Pooh Musical Pull.

There’s an entire collection of plush friends, as well, which you can see here — including Mickey, Minnie, and the Pooh gang.

And see more about the bowling set and musical pull from Miyim.

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