Early Schooling Activities to Do with Little Ones

Whether you have an infant or a toddler, you don’t have to leave them out of the back-to-school fun!

Little ones love to feel a part of things and giving them a few activities to do while the older kids pack up their backpacks or do their homework in the afternoon keeps everyone happy.

Back to School Baby

Here are five of my very favorite low-stress school-like activities to do with little ones:

  1. Coloring books. While the big kids whip out their worksheets, let your little one go to town with a coloring book (pick them up at the dollar store!).
  2. Alphabet cards. We have a beautiful big set of alphabet cards that my girls love spreading out on the floor, and singing the alphabet song along with. I was amazed how fast my girls picked up the alphabet without us even trying.
  3. Music time. There is nothing my girls like more than doing a low-key little music time. We do a few songs with actions, dance around a little, and everyone enjoys themselves.
  4. Books. Check out some new books from the library or borrow some from a friend and set aside a little time to read to your child or let them look through them on their own.
  5. Puzzles. I love those simple puzzles for little ones, and it’s a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, and also learn about animals, vehicles, colors or shapes (also, lots of libraries have wooden puzzles you can check out).
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