Why I Love Early Mornings

My kids have always been late sleepers. They tend to be night owls, which leads them to them sleeping in, and it works great for our family. Early mornings are normally the only time of day that I have an hour to myself.


Lately though, I can’t stop snuggling. I can’t bring myself to leave the sweet smell of little ones curled up in my bed.

Ainsleigh sleeps in her crib and Aiden (most nights) winds up in our bed. There is a window in our room and one day, the sun was peeking through perfectly on his face. We have these long sheer curtains and they were pulled back just enough to let the sun directly in on him. I thought about the laundry still sitting in the dryer from last night and the pile of dishes in the sink. All the “things” that I needed to get up and do before my three little ones wake. But I couldn’t stop staring at him. That stuff can wait. 

I laid back down, pulled the covers up to my chin and watched Aiden. The sun perfectly reflecting on his long lashes, covering his beautiful blue eyes. I nuzzled my nose up to his cheeks and smelled his skin. Aiden has slept in our bed since the day we finally brought him home from the hospital. Suddenly a teeny baby has turned into a boy. His long legs stretched out and the covers were pulled up tight. My daughter, Ainsleigh likes her space. She has slept in her own crib since she came home from the hospital. And Apple, our newest little one, in the bassinet next to our bed.

On this particular morning, I checked the monitor, and although she was still asleep… I went and got her. And pulled her into bed with Aiden and I. Time is inevitable. Time is against this. It will be gone in an instant…. so today I will snuggle them and watch their chests rise and fall. And smell their sweet breath and watch them sleep.

Because in 10 years, dishes will be there. Laundry and emails will all be there. But babies? Little babies snuggled in my covers will be grown. 

Do you enjoy the early mornings with your little one?

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