Dressing a Toddler for a Day at Disney World

We are so excited for our very first trip to Disney World this week (a first for both my little one and myself!), that I decided to plan our outfits ahead, because one must be wearing the perfect outfit when they’ll be visiting the happiest place on earth, right? Here’s what Fern will be wearing…

  • Dressing For a Day At Disney World

    Dressing For a Day At Disney World

    We’re going to Disney World! And this is what my toddler will be wearing…

  • Classic Mickey Tee

    Classic Mickey Tee

    When you look back at photos from your trip to Disneyland, you’ll be glad you had one. This is my all-time favorite Mickey shirt. A classic to be sure and the cotton is the softest EVER!

    Purchase shirt for $12.50 from Disney Store

  • Shorts


    I would go with shorts considering the weather. Pants would be more protective from the sun, but I plan on opting for shorts and layering on the sunscreen while keeping our extra large stroller canopy in full-shade mode.

  • A Simple Accessory

    A Simple Accessory

    Fern rips all hats off of her head immediately, so instead I slather on lots of sunscreen and try to keep her head as covered as possible – this cute handmade turban-style headband would be a stylish and sun-safe option.

    Purchase headband for $9.99 from Lemons & Lace

  • Comfortable Shoes

    Comfortable Shoes

    With a babe who is just learning to walk comfortable shoes are important – even though you may be tempted to go for cute sandals with the sunny Florida weather – go for practicality so your little one can run up to their favorite characters in comfort.

  • Signature Mickey Mouse Ears

    Signature Mickey Mouse Ears

    No day at Disney would be complete without a pair of classic monogrammed ears. They are a must.

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