5 Helpful Tips for Dressing Your Little Princess

Sometimes, when I’m dressing three little girls in the morning, I think Cinderella had it pretty easy.

She had a whole army of little mice and bird helpers to assist her, and when that didn’t work out, a fairy godmother conjured her up the most beautiful dress to wear, complete with accessories.

Fortunately, I’ve learned some tricks over the years to get my girls dressed in a flash, without any Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo required.

1. Pick one-piece outfits, or a pre-matched set. If mixing and matching is too much, a one-piece item or pre-matched set makes it a snap. I love the ease of having one complete outfit without figuring out what shorts to add, or if this shirt goes with this skirt. Plus, there isn’t much of your life where one item can be a complete outfit, so it’s nice to take advantage while you can!


2. Choose items that are easy to get on and off. No reason to fuss with a lot of buttons or ties – choose things that make your life simple, like shoes that slide right on! I also love anything with zippers.

3. Go machine-washable. It is inevitable that babies will get messy, so pick things you can throw right in the washing machine and will look good as new. I have quite a few items that, even on their third wearer in our family, are looking almost brand-new!

4. Keep her wardrobe simple. Don’t feel like you need a hundred outfits. Pick items you love and let them wear the same items. Just like an adult can feel overwhelmed by dozens of options, it can be tough to pick something to dress your baby in if you have drawers stuffed with items.

Getting a little one dressed doesn’t have to be stressful – with the right easy outfits, it can be fun and ridiculously cute. What are your tricks for getting your baby dressed without a magic wand?

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