Capture Baby’s Milestones with a DIY Accordion Timeline


My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, and I gifted him a timeline of our marriage. Filled with events monumental (and not), I hope to add a new page every year as a family history of sorts.

I loved how it turned out and thought that the same idea could be used to document your child’s years. That way, when they have children of their own and ask when they started walking, you’ll have the timeline to pull out to help you remember.

Here’s how I made it:

I used this accordion kit and printed the events from each year on flat cards (thanks to my friend Kirsten for designing it all), using pva glue to adhere them to each page. Then I covered the bead board with fabric and attached the accordion paper with the same glue. There are instructions with the kit and the store employees were super helpful if you’re craft challenged. Trust me, it’s easy.

What do you think? Would you use this documenting idea?

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