Doc McStuffins Themed Easter Basket!

Last night at dinner, my daughter placed her fork down on the table, plopped her chin into her hand, and sighed despondently. 

Suppressing a smile at her dramatics, I gently asked her what was wrong.

“Mom, I want to go back to the hotel,” she said accusingly.

“The hotel?” I repeated, surprised. “Oh, you mean, because it had the water park? That was fun, wasn’t it?” (We had taken the kids on a little getaway a few weeks prior.)

She shook her head at me.

“No,” she said. “It’s not the water park I miss. It’s Doc McStuffins! I want to watch it again!”

[insert sheepish mother here]

Turns out I could have saved my money and just let my kids watch their favorite show (which, admittedly, they only get to watch at hotels or Grandma’s house, as we don’t have cable at home). But because I genuinely do love Doc McStuffins as a great character role model, I was super excited to stumble upon all of these great goodies at the Disney Store–so excuse me while I dream up a Doc McStuffins themed Easter basket, will you?

  • Doc McStuffins Swimsuit

    Nothing says spring like the promise of warm weather! My kids always get something fun and summery in their Easter baskets and I know my daughter would swoon over this Doc swimsuit!

    Click here for info + to purchase

  • Doc McStuffins Nightgown

    It’s kind of become a tradition in our house that the kids always get a pair of new pajamas for Easter. Probably because after winter, their favorite PJ’s are quite ragged and warmer weather calls for nightgowns!

    Click here for more info. Up to size 5/6.

  • Doc Flip Flops

    I mean come on–how cute are these flip flops? These would be the perfect item for an Easter basket! My girls are obsessed with flip-flops in warm weather.

    Product info here

  • Doc McStuffins Cup & Straw

    Another Easter tradition in our house is a new cup or water bottle–my kids love them and they make meal time so much more fun with their own personal cups. (Just be sure to make sure ALL the kids have one!)

    Click here for product info

  • Doc Activity Book

    I have one rule for our Easter basket presents–all the gifts have to be “activity” themed or encourage creative play. No junk toys allowed. Which is why I was drawn to this activity book, packed with puzzles, stickers, and its own pack of coloring pencils.

    Product info here

  • Doc's Clipboard

    Nothing gets my girls’ imaginations going like pretending to be Doc. And with this adorable fold-out clipboard, complete with a “prescription pad” and stickers, let the fun begin!

    Click here for product info

  • Doc Jewelry Set

    I mean, really, what little girl wouldn’t love to get this in her Easter basket? Whether she’s seeing patients or headed out for a night on the town, a little jewelry never hurts, right?

    Product information here

  • Personalized Towel

    Ok, this is my last one, I swear. I realize Easter baskets aren’t all that big, but I couldn’t help including this perfect, personalized Doc towel! How great is this–and it’s only $16.95?

    Click for full product picture + info

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