Is It Worth Giving Your Child a Middle Name?

I’m the oldest of three girls (and two boys), and all five of us have middle names.

Sometime in late elementary school, I discovered that some girls didn’t have middle names, even in families where the boys did have middle names.

I was shocked! No middle names for girls?

Middle Names

There are certainly plenty of reasons for not giving middle names — sometimes with a long first and last name, a middle name just seems too much; some parents assume their daughters will marry and take a new last name and the former last name can become the middle name; sometimes people come from families that just don’t really do middle names for anyone, girl or boy.

My husband and his brother both have middle names, but his sister doesn’t. This topic came up early on and she mentioned that it had always bothered her not to have a middle name when her brothers did. She has gone on to have four girls, all of whom got a middle name.

And in our little family, we have every intention of giving all our children, boys and girls, middle names. I think a name sounds more finished when you have a first, middle, and last name, and while I like our last name, I don’t think of it as a middle name in the slightest.

I also like that my siblings and I (and now my daughters) have slightly unusual first names and more common middle names so that if any of us didn’t like having a unique name, we had a more popular option at the ready, although so far none of us have chosen to go by that middle name.

Did you give your daughters (or sons) middle names? Why or why not?

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