Do You Dare? 18 Halloween-Inspired Baby Names

Halloween is a time for imagination, spooky jest and fantastical play. If your baby is born around this time, you might just consider choosing one of these magically spirited Halloween baby names! In the very least, you’ll have some fun viewing these slightly sinister choices.

  • Masters of Mayhem?

    Masters of Mayhem?

    Here's a simply frightful selection of delightful baby names for baby girls!

  • Oh That Buffy

    Oh That Buffy

    You want your daughter to kick butt against the evils of vampires much in the same way this famous slayer did, right? You know, for when the vampires come.

  • An Award Winning Name...

    An Award-Winning Name...

    from Henry Slick’s film Coraline. A great name for brave and curious little girls.

  • Moon Child

    Moon Child

    The Latin name for the moon, lovely as a middle name. Coincidentally my own name (Selena), is Greek for the moon, also known as the Titan Goddess of the moon (Selene).

  • Vamp Matriarch

    Vamp Matriarch

    The demurely witty and soft-spoken mother we all know and love from the Addams Family.

  • Literary Character

    Literary Character

    ‘The Raven’ is a poem of the supernatural, written by the famous poet of all things dark, Edgar Allen Poe.

  • Glitter & Glow

    Glitter & Glow

    Everyone’s favourite teenage witch.

  • The Stackhouse

    The Stackhouse

    For all you True Blood fans out there. Including me.

  • Bewitched


    The adorable little girl of Samantha from the retro hit TV series Bewitched. That and I Dream of Jeannie were a couple of my childhood favorites.

  • Slightly Sinister

    Slightly Sinister

    The name means violent disturbance, or stormy – but it’s been done. The famous actress Tempest Bledsoe comes to mind as does Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

  • Harrowing Heros...

    Harrowing Heroes...

    How about any of these slightly spooky monikers for a boy?

  • The Wickedest Man in the World?

    The Wickedest Man in the World?

    Aleister Crowley was many things, all which revolved around the occult; mountaineer, magician, philosopher.

  • More Dark Poets

    A Dark Poet

    I mean, aren’t they all, really?

  • The Hunky, Viking

    The Hunky, Viking

    Eric Northman, who also just happens to be a ruthless, yet sensitive vampire.

  • Dracula


    Of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. One of my favourite movies.

  • Greek Mythology

    Greek Mythology

    Dragon or serpent.

  • Of Tim Burton's Brilliance

    Of Tim Burton's Brilliance

    I’m not much for that fictional Edward Cullen character. (As you may have surmised, I am a True Blood fan). I am however, all about Edward Scissorhands.

  • Rise Again

    Rise Again

    A mythological fire bird or beast, capable of immortality.

  • Oh So Goth

    Oh So Goth

    Conquer or die!

  • Interview with the Vampire (Film)

    Interview with the Vampire (Film)

    Lestat de Lioncourt is the fictional character played by Tom Cruise based off of Anne Rice’s famous novels; The Vampire Chronicles.

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