DIY Leaf Garland – Perfect for a Photo Backdrop

Thanksgiving seems like one of the only holidays that doesn’t garner as much picture-taking as the rest.  Easter has the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt, Christmas has Santa and present opening, and even the 4th of July has the requisite flag waving photo ops.  But poor turkey day photos are usually left to chance, with everyone being so busy cooking and eating and all.  So this year, why not create a simple photo-taking area that will urge your dinner guests to snap some photos, and remind you to get plenty of pics of your cute little bundle of joy, whom you are so very thankful for? 

  • DIY Leaf Garland

    DIY Leaf Garland

    It’s not too late to pick up a couple of supplies from the fabric store, and whip up this super cute and festive leaf garland, just in time for Thanksgiving.

  • Photo Ops Galore

    Photo Ops Galore

    Place a sweet and secure moses basket or bassinet below the garland if your baby isn’t yet sitting, or a comfy chair if your little one feels nice and secure sitting up on his own.

  • Capture Special Moments

    Capture Special Moments

    While they take a few extra minutes to set up, these simple photo booth areas ensure you’ll stop and take a moment to capture special memories. I wish I would have thought of this sooner, since we have many Thanksgivings with not a single photo to show for it.

  • Simple & Inexpensive to Make

    Simple & Inexpensive to Make

    I whipped this garland up in a matter of minutes, and the DIY explains just how. Use it throughout the house, above the mantle, or over a window.

  • The Perfect Centerpiece

    The Perfect Centerpiece

    Even if you’re not too interested in creating a photo booth area, you can still use the garland as a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

  • Get the DIY!

    Get the DIY!

    Visit For The Love Of to get the full DIY so you can create your own leaf garland, and capture baby’s 1st (or 2nd) Thanksgiving.

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