DIY Freeze Pop Holder For Kids

We use freeze pops as special rewards (hello, potty training!) and after dinner treats.

Here is a super easy DIY that will keep their little hands warm and make freeze pops a little easier to eat…

  • DIY Freeze Pop Holder

    DIY Freeze Pop Holder

    Easy to make! Perfect for little hands.

  • Step One

    Step One

    1. Fun fabric
    2. Washcloth
    3. Scissors
    4. Ruler
    5. Sewing Machine

  • Step Two

    Step Two

    Fold washcloth in half. Use ruler to measure desired width. I made mine around 3 inches across x 11 inches long. Cut both washcloth and fabric the same.

  • Step Three

    Step Three

    Place cut fabric and washcloth back to back. Fold in half. Make sure right side of fabric is on the outside.

  • Step Four

    Step Four

    Pin sides together. I folded the top over to make a little edge with the washcloth. This will help soak up drips from the freeze pop. Sew each side in a straight stitch.

  • Step Five

    Step Five

    Trim edges with pinking shears.

  • Step Six

    Step Six

    All done!

  • Finished Product!

    Finished Product!

    You can make them in all kinds in different fabrics. Best part? Throw them in the wash when they get dirty. They will be clean and ready to go for the next freeze pop treat.

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