33 Favorite Baby Names from Disney•Pixar Movies

Because we all know baby name inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, let’s look at the strong candidates from our favorite Disney•Pixar flicks!


    Starting with the Girl Names...

  • Violet


    Name meaning: “Purple.”

    Pixar connection: Violet is one of the “Super” kids from The Incredibles — a young girl who, although shy and self-conscious at first, turns out to be a strong girl who can produce life-saving force-fields.

  • Merida


    Name meaning: “one who has achieved a high place of honor”

    Pixar connection: Princess Merida is one of the most recent Disney Princesses — and the first Pixar princess — from the 2012 movie Brave.

  • Flora


    Name meaning: Flower

    Pixar connection: You probably associate the name Flora with a different type of Disney film, but Dr. Flora is the cute little doctor from A Bug’s Life.

  • Pearl


    Name meaning: Pearl

    Pixar connection: Pearl is Nemo’s octopus friend from his new school, and just about the cutest thing ever.

  • Mabel


    Name meaning: Lovable

    Pixar connection: Mabel isn’t exactly a “good” character, considering her main goal is to get rid of the lovable rats in Ratatouille, but it’s the perfect example of “Granny” names coming back into fashion.

  • Eve


    Name meaning: Life

    Pixar connection: EVE — pronounced Eve-ah by WALL-E — is the lovable lead character from WALL-E.

  • Dory


    Name meaning: Gift of God

    Pixar connection: The absent-minded fish from Finding Nemo — and the focus of the upcoming sequel, Finding Dory. She might have short-term memory-loss, but she’s loyal to the end, with an infectiously sunny personality.

  • Celia


    Name meaning: Heavenly

    Pixar connection: Celia — Mike’s girlfriend in Monsters, Inc. was a minor character with a big personality.

  • Coral


    Name meaning: Nature name

    Pixar connection: She may be in only a few minutes of Finding Nemo, but the death of Marlin’s wife (and Nemo’s mom) Coral is at the center of the movie. She’s brave and selfless, giving her life to protect her babies — which ultimately saves Nemo’s life.

  • Helen


    Name meaning: Bright, shining one

    Pixar connection: Also known as Elastigirl in The Incredibles.

  • Bonnie


    Name meaning: Beautiful and cheerful

    Pixar connection: Bonnie is the imaginative little girl from Toy Story 3 — a little girl who personifies the magical essence of childhood — and who ends up as the new owner of Woody and the gang when Andy goes off to college. With recent Bonnie characters in Toy Story 3, The Hunger Games, and The Vampire Diaries, are we ready to move on from the Bonnie and Clyde association?

  • Elinor


    Name meaning: A modern variation of Eleanor (which means bright, shining one)

    Pixar connection: Queen Elinor is Princess Merida’s mother in Brave — a strong, graceful woman with both stubborn and caring qualities. (Fun fact: Katie Couric’s daughter is named Elinor.)

  • Atta


    Name meaning: Traditionally a boy’s name meaning “father,” could Atta be a unique spin on Ada or Etta? Or a nickname?

    Pixar connection: Merida may have been the first human Pixar princess, but let’s not forget Atta: the Princess of the Ant Colony from A Bug’s Life.

  • Sally


    Name meaning: “Princess” in Hebrew

    Pixar connection: The town attorney from Radiator Springs, Sally is Lightning McQueen’s lady from Cars.

  • Molly


    Name meaning: Bitter

    Pixar connection: We watched Molly grow up through the Toy Story movies as Andy’s little sister.


    And Now, the Boy Names...

  • Andy


    Name meaning: Diminutive of Andrew, which means “strong and manly”

    Pixar connection: Andy represents the best parts of childhood — the imaginative, playful boy who loves his toys deeply.

  • Remy


    Name meaning: Oarsman

    Pixar connection: Remy is the food-loving main character from Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille.

  • Rex


    Name meaning: King

    Pixar connection: Of course Rex is the lovable plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Toy Story series.

  • Sheldon


    Name meaning: Steep-sided valley

    Pixar connection: The H20-intolerant seahorse in Finding Nemo.

  • Sulley/Sully


    Name meaning: From the south meadow

    Pixar connection: The Cars character “Sulley” was based on a DIFFERENT Pixar character: James P. Sullivan, or “Sulley,” from Monsters Inc..

  • Dash


    Name meaning: Diminutive of Dashiell, meaning unknown

    Pixar connection: The fastest little “Super” there ever was.

  • August


    Name meaning: Majestic, venerable

    Pixar connection: ”Auguste” is the head chef from Ratatouille, but August is a little more modern.

  • Gordon


    Name meaning: Great hill

    Pixar connection: You might remember Gordon from Disney/Pixar’s 2012 Brave.

  • Luigi


    Name meaning: Italian variation of “Louis,” which means “renowned warrior”

    Pixar connection: Your brain might first go to Mario, but kids will probably associate Luigi with Cars and Cars 2.

  • Nemo


    Name meaning: From the glen

    Pixar connection: The curious clownfish who is energetic, adventurous, and super friendly.

  • Marlin


    Name meaning: Variation of “Marlon,” meaning unknown

    Pixar connection: Thanks to Finding Nemo, the name Marlin is associated with the best type of Dad. He’s a little overprotective, sure, but he’ll battle the biggest obstacles and scariest predators to find his son.

  • Anton


    Name meaning: “Priceless one”

    Pixar connection: Anton may not be the most attractive example for a baby — he’s a serious, grim food critic from Ratatouille — but it’s certainly an interesting name choice.

  • Buzz


    Name meaning: Unknown/modern nickname

    Pixar connection: None other than Buzz Lightyear — the fearless, noble space ranger who will always step up to save a friend.

  • Bruce


    Name meaning: From the brushwood thicket

    Pixar connection: Bruce — the scary-looking shark from Finding Nemo — battles his inner instincts to be a kinder, friendlier creature.

  • Nigel


    Name meaning: Dark, black-haired

    Pixar connection: You’ll remember Nigel as the helpful pelican who serves as a link between Marlin and Nemo.

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