Disney on Ice with My Toddler

This past weekend my parents surprised Fern and I with tickets to see Disney on Ice. Fern is in a particularly Disney-loving stage right now, so while I knew she would love it, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not she would be able to sit still for the entire show. Since she is under two her entry was free, but that meant sitting on a lap and a wiggly almost two-year-old sitting on a lap is a serious gamble, but she did so well!

Disney On Ice With My Toddler


The entire experience was fun and magical, and not just for Fern, but for the grown-ups attending with her. Seeing her dressed up in her little Minnie Mouse costume while she ooohed and ahhhhed over getting to see all the other little girls dressed up as princesses was priceless, and it was so fun seeing her face light up as Minnie, Mickey, Goofy and Donald skated out to introduce the acts. And when Ariel came out with Flounder and Sebastian to sing “Kiss the Girl,” I thought she might explode from happiness.

The entire event was so much fun and she sat attentively through most of the show, though she did get a bit fussy at the end since it was getting close to nap time, which is totally understandable. None of the shows fell during a time that was great for nap time, so we just went with it and picked the best option and it worked out well. Having plenty of snacks to share definitely helped as well.

My daughter is a very active little girl, so I would say that if she sat through it and enjoyed the show, then most toddlers would likely do the same — particularly if they share a similar affinity for Disney characters. It’s hard not to be enthralled when you’re being serenaded by princesses and hearing stories told by Mickey Mouse. A fun experience for our whole family.

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