Disney Inspired Teethers for Your Baby

We have officially hit the teething stage in our house. Although Macks doesn’t have any teeth coming through just yet, he is exhibiting all of the symptoms: drool, hands in his mouth, and sometimes irritability. It’s one of the worst feelings to see your baby in pain when there isn’t anything you can do. Although I can’t take the pain completely away, there is something I can do to help. Teethers are a great way to help provide some comfort for a teething baby. Macks loves to chew on things, and a product made specifically for his little gums is perfect.

Check out some teethers with your favorite Disney characters that can help provide your little one some relief. 

  • Keys to the Kingdom Teether

    Every little princess needs her own keys to the castle. These keys won’t only help her unlock the gates, but they will also help soothe her gums.

    Available at Kohls

  • Minnie Mouse Teether Bracelet

    Minnie Mouse Teether Bracelet

    Every little girl needs a piece of jewelry. This fun piece acts as an accessory with her favorite mouse on it as well as a teether!

  • Finding Nemo Squirt's Musical Teether

    This teether won’t only help soothe baby’s gums, but it will also entertain him. It lights up and plays music while providing four different textures for baby to chew on.

    Available at Amazon

  • Classic Pooh Flat Blanket Teether Toy

    Pooh is such a cuddly and lovable character. This teether is full of different textures that your little one will love to feel and chew on.

    Available at Amazon

  • Tiara Wand Teether

    Every princess needs her wand. This sparkly wand is easy for her to hold onto whether she’s prancing around or chewing on it!

    Available at Kohls

  • Winnie the Pooh Water-filled Soother

    Winnie the Pooh Water-filled Soother

    Put this in the refrigerator for something cool to soothe your little one’s gums. Pooh and all of his friends can help the teething process with this classic teether!


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