Summer’s Must-Have Item: Disney Baby Wet Bags from Bumkins

What I’ve found with regards to summer adventures is that they tend to be the messiest (and perhaps most memorable) of all seasons. So far our days have been filled with splash pads, sandy toes, frozen yogurt and watermelon. And, we’re just getting started!

When it comes to having fun on the go I’ve learned that there are certain items that make navigating our time away from home a lot easier. As we make our way through our summer wish list I’m learning that perhaps it is time to add a few more items to that list of essentials. One item I’m currently considering is a wet bag. It’s a nice and eco friendly alternative to plastic bags and is the perfect place to put wet clothes or shoes while keeping the rest of your diaper bag or purse clean. The best part is that they are washable which means they can be used again and again. Here are a few from the collection from Bumkins:

See the entire collection on Amazon.

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