Disney Baby Hat & Bib Halloween Costumes ‘by Disguise’ Exclusively at Toys”R”Us!

As much as I love Halloween, I will begrudgingly admit that babies aren’t the biggest fans of getting all suited up in an elaborate costume.

So when I came across these adorable Disney Baby Bib and Halloween Costumes (sold exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us), I was pretty smitten. I know lots of us have grand ideas when it comes to our babies 1st birthday, Christmas and Halloween.

Then, life happens and all of a sudden you’re 2 days away from Halloween and you don’t have a costume for your cutie (I’ve been there a couple of times). These little numbers are practical and cute, and I really like that they can be used/worn year round!

The best part? They’re only 10 bucks each and you can get them in-store or buy them online! BOOM! You’re done. Also, you’re welcome.

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