Little L’s Diary: Rolling Into Four Months

¡Hola! It’s me, Little L once again! I’m sure you’ve seen all of the fun stuff my mami and I have been up to in the past month — and talk about a long month, it seemed like it was never going to end.

I guess it’s because I’m not sleeping as much during the day anymore, so I have to find things to keep me busy — like grabbing mami’s hair, pulling her necklaces, trying to sit up, rolling from my back to my tummy then back again (I’m even rolling OFF of my playmat!) and holding on tight to my toys. If you move them around they make noise and I like sounds. Phewww, this baby thing is exhausting — I can’t wait until I’m bigger. I hear it’s less tiring.


Aside from all of that, mami has been going on and on about SUMMER and the POOL. By the sound of it, it seems absolutely incredible! Then she actually took me to this “pool” and it turned out to big a really really big bath tub! Except I still had on clothes and a diaper. Funniest part was that mami got in too and there were other people talking a bath with us!

But this month, it’s time to really lay on the cuteness — I’m wearing a “number four” bodysuit which can only mean that I am FOUR months. According to mami I have many “numbers” to go, but I don’t focus on that; I’m still trying to work my way across the living room! Anyway, I’ve been talking more and more — I even repeat back words mami says when she is holding me. She says H-E-L-L-O really slow and I smile, wave my arms, and then mutter back, “AUUUUUUGHHHHH.” Sounds just like her! Apparently she understands me, because she smiles back and we just keep on talking until I get sleepy and I suddenly just zone out.

The only part about being four months that I didn’t like was getting sharp pains in my legs! I SCREAMED OUT when the lady in the white jacket pricked me FOUR times after weighing me and saying just how great I am growing. I could see mami looking down at me, wiping away the water from my eyes and saying “está bien mi niña/it’s okay my girl.” But WHY mami? Why did you let the lady hurt my legs? I don’t want those ever again. Please.

As for me and my brother M, he’s the best! Always tickles me and helps me when I want my pacifier or need mami to pick me up — he didn’t talk much to me at first, but now he is teaching me English and Spanish. He told me milk is leche and leche is milk — so easy!

The plan is to keeping rolling (and turning) into this month and I want to be sitting up by the end of it. Everything looks so much better when I’m sitting — even papi looks different.

Bye bye!

Little L

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