My 5 Favorite Baby Close-Ups

Babies are just delicious. In Spanish, you literally say “rica” or “rico,” which means good tasting. Little L, who will be 7 months this week, is just more and more rica than ever — so it’s true when people say they could “just eat them up!”

I adore every part of her — her damp hands, her double chin, her neck rolls, her chunky legs, her FEET, and her cheeks. I wish I could save each part to remember this time forever.

  • They call her...CHEEKS!

    They call her...CHEEKS!

    I admit, I have a huge problem — I can’t stop kissing my daughter’s sweet cheeks! Just look at them…soooooo delicious!

  • Beautiful baby blues

    Beautiful baby blues

    Neither my husband or I have blue eyes and both of our children have them. I love looking at her baby blue eyes and seeing them light up when I walk into the room.

  • Baby pout

    Baby pout

    Those tiny lips! I love when she smiles, and she even looks adorable when pouting.

  • Double chin

    Double chin

    A baby without a double chin is just unacceptable! I love seeing the folds on her neck and that chunky chin of hers.

  • I want to hold your hand

    I want to hold your hand

    I adore the feel of Little L’s hands in mine. They are always damp and cold, but I just can’t let go. I especially love when she falls asleep next to me with her hand resting on my arm.

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