DB Small Style: Minnie Mouse in ‘Da House!

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me this Minnie Mouse Dress Set for free.

Yea, I couldn’t help myself there. Sometimes I am a complete and utter nerd, and I’ve just got to embrace it.

Unlike my daughter who has yet to reveal that she’s inherited the nerd gene. Although she’s definitely taken after me in the fashion department! Girl loves clothes and pretty shiny things.


She also loves matchbox cars, playing in the dirt, and wrestling with her brother, so I think we’re good. For now.

For now she can dress in as many frilly tutus and pink dress outfits as she wants – because they are so CUTE. I equally love how she’s drawn to jeans and high-top kicks, and the girl loves hoodies. Just like her mama. In fact — she insisted on wearing a hoodie with the ensemble when we were out and about the day that I took this. A very special day as you can see — it was the day before her birthday (more on that later!) and we had just adopted ‘Trixie’ the sparkly, sort-of unicorn. (Picked up in the discount bin and missing its magical horn!)

As for the outfit, well — it’s become a popular go-to for many reasons. Why do we love it so much? I love it because it’s comfortable yet stylish, easy to put on, and all of the decisions are made.

As much as I love styling outfits with her, some days this mama is just dang tired and wants to grab something and get on with it! It’s also nice and airy for these warm summer days we’re experiencing, and washes up like a breeze. Abby loves it because it features one of her favourite friends, Minnie Mouse. It has rhinestone accents (shiny!), and frilly tutu-like detailing on the rim of the tunic. Oh, and it’s pink. Need I say more?

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