Dairy and Sugar-Free Chocolate “Milkshakes” for Little Ones!

This is the sort of nutritious treat that just keeps giving. Right around 3:30 everyday, my little ones are hankering for a nosh of something sweet. A little pick-me-up, as we’re accustomed to calling it — and as easy as stirring up a couple of sippy cups with chocolate milk is, these are darn near close to being just as easy.

The best part? There will be enough for you too, and this sugar-free indulgence totally satisfies. Another great thing about this recipe is that you can leave out the chocolate, making just vanilla “milk”shakes, or leave out the almond or coconut milk to make a quick ice cream substitute! The key ingredient here are bananas, giving you all the creaminess your little ones (and you!), crave.

They won’t notice the lack of white processed sugar — promise!

  • Simple, Satisfying and Nutritious!

    Simple, Satisfying and Nutritious!

    Click through to get this easy recipe for Stage 2 eaters and up…



    Gather and prep your ingredients. You can sub out with any cocoa powder, just make sure it’s unsweetened! Also, you can use coconut OR almond milk. I often alternate with whatever I have on hand.



    Place all of your ingredients into a high powered blender on high until fully creamed.

  • POUR


    See how frothy and delectable this looks? You just salivated, don’t lie. Proof that your little ones will love it too!



    I found these BPA free cups at a dollar store ages ago and they’ve stood the test of time and many washes as Wyndham and Abby’s smoothie cups. They adore them and love it when I make them smoothies. The cups are half the fun for babies and toddlers, as far as I’ve gathered over time.

  • Win All The Prizes

    Win All The Prizes

    The trick is getting your little ones to keep consuming the green smoothies you make (if you’re on the train too), once you introduce them to the chocolate ones. I like the tint to these cups, keeping appearances under wraps, which is half the problem, half the time when it comes to picky eating babies and toddlers!

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