Daddy’s Vintage Disney Blanket

Not sure HOW I didn’t notice this sooner, but my husband’s baby blanket – that my mother-in-law gave me a few years ago when M was born – is actually a DISNEY baby blanket. It has images of vintage Goofy and Mickey and is in good condition.

It think it was handmade, but either way it is super special to see the same blanket my husband laid on as a baby in 1976, and now seeing our children playing on the same blanket nearly 40 years later. In his own words, he said “I can’t believe it. I’m so happy my mother saved this.” Even I’ve used it to snuggle up on the sofa for a nap! My son finds it funny that papi was a baby, but when my husband is away on business, he asks for “papi’s baby blanket” to cuddle up with at night.

  • Papi's Disney blanket

    Papi's Disney blanket

    There he is, my husband, my children’s papi as a newborn (I know, he is HUGE) and this Disney blanket at his feet.

  • 40 years later...

    40 years later...

    Nearly 40 years later (more like 37) our babies are playing on the same Disney blanket their papi used as a child. It’s actually magical!

  • It's!


    There is our newest addition playing on papi’s vintage Disney blanket. You can see Goofy and Mickey. So cute! Maybe OUR grandchildren will use it too.

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