Daddy’s Girl

For as long as I can remember, I have been a daddy’s girl. My dad and I have always had a lot in common — our quiet dispositions, our pensiveness, our preference to express ourselves through the written word, and our love for music (especially the Beatles!). I always felt that we had a deep connection and understanding. He has always been loving and gentle. I’m thankful that I’ve grown up with such an amazing father. Someone who is always cheering me on and holding my hand when I stumble. It’s truly a special relationship.


daddysgirlAn old cute photo of me and my daddy.

One of the reasons I was so excited to have a daughter was so that my husband could experience that special relationship as well. Isabel has always been the sparkle in her daddy’s eye. She had him wrapped around her finger from the moment she took her first breath. She recognizes that special love he has for her and she reciprocates it right back. I love the way she hugs him tight and pushes me away if I try to join in. I love the way she reaches for him when she gets hurt. I love how no one can make her smile the way her daddy does. They have a unique bond that I recognize and honor, because it’s the same bond I have with my own dad.

Daddy’s girls are lucky. We experience the love and respect men should give women from the start. We learn the standard for how all men should treat us because our dads have always treated us like princesses. And these daddies are smitten with their baby girls forever and get the joy of being their daughters’ first loves.

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