The Perfect Time of Day for Daddy and Son Bonding

Jon has about an hour-long commute to work each morning in downtown Atlanta, where he works 40+ hours per week, while I stay at home with Soren and also co-own a business with my best friend.

Soren and I get A LOT of time together throughout the week. We have our special songs, activities and cuddle time each day, but we just love when Daddy gets home from work. It’s so wonderful seeing Jon after a long day and Soren is all smiles when he gets time with Jon.


Initially, Jon was really sad when he had to go back to work after we had Soren. He didn’t want to miss out on the little milestones and wanted to keep that special bond they had begun to form. We wanted to think of a way for them to connect every day in a fun way.

We decided to pick something that was part of Soren’s routine each day and make that something special between Soren and Jon. This would be their special moment each day to be together, have fun and bond.

After throwing out ideas, like reading him a bedtime story, we finally found the perfect fit.

Bath time!

Soren loves his bath time. It’s something he looks forward to every day. Each night, as I get Soren’s PJs and get everything closed down for the night, Jon spends one-on-one time with Soren during his bath. They sing songs, chat, play, and get to have their time together. Just the two of them. I love that Jon has this special time with Soren each night. I know it means a lot to him, and I know Soren looks forward to it so much. I can tell by his giant gummy smiles!

As Soren grows older, we’ll continue to make it a point to have a special daddy-and-son moment each day for the two of them. I know it will be such a fond memory for Soren as he grows up, and it give me a little time to be alone and get a few things done after a long day. ;)

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