Dad Is Serving Up More Than Just Dinner

In Casa de Carter, I am the cook. I do the grocery shopping and plan the meals for the week. I am one of the thousands, if not million or so, dads who are in charge of dinner in American homes. It’s not necessarily because I love my weekly trip to the grocery store, and I am far short of being a gourmet cook. Ask my wife. It just sort of happened years ago because of schedules. It works for us. Now with a child, here’s why I’m thrilled it works this way.


As a father to a son, being someone who is active and involved in the kitchen is far more beneficial than I could have imagined. Having my child see Dad serving up dinner on a nightly basis, I believe can teach him many things about the changing gender roles in America. Children watch, imitate, and learn. Seeing Dad in the kitchen can show him he can be responsible for himself. There’s no need to depend on someone else to provide food for him (and any future children) when they grow up. Dad cooked; why can’t I? While he’s only 10 months now, one day he will be a capable human being and watching Dad — then soon helping — is teaching him skills that he can use for life.

Being a parent is all about setting examples. Kids see, then copy. While my meals won’t win me any cooking competitions, I hope they at least are successful enough to teach my kids that cooking and spending time in the kitchen serves up more than just a good meal. It can dish up life skills of planning, setting budgets, creating memories, and knowing that if they want to whip up a meal, they can do it and feel comfortable.

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