5 Cutest Swimsuits for Your Baby Girl!

With two girls in the house, I have a big soft spot for squishy babies, frilly swimsuits and spring break! Here in Texas, the hot summer sun is already out and my kiddos are ready to bring out the sprinklers, water table, and fountains!

As a first-time mom, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options, but now after having my second girl, I know what I like.

Grab a towel and journey with me through a few of my favorite swimsuits for your little lady!

  • ruffle one piece

    A Ruffled One-Piece

    An adorable ruffle one-piece is too sweet for words! And a little ruffle halter is just screaming cute! Great for a day at the pool.

  • sunshine bikini

    A Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

    This little polka dot sunshine bikini has me swooning! Something like this is a really sweet option if you are going to be playing in the backyard in some shade! My babies always love to play in the fountains under a tree in our backyard!

  • ballerina baby

    A Swimsuit With a Tutu

    Something about ballerinas, baby girls, and tutus is just so girlie and fun! Combine it with swimwear and well, that just takes the cake! I also always find my little ones a good hat that they love to wear out in the sun!

  • surfer baby

    A Surfer Ensemble

    Spending a day at the beach and need a little extra coverage? This adorable surfer baby swimsuit is just perfection!

  • headbands

    A Headband to Top It All Off!

    I love to add a headband or a bow to my little lady before we hit the beach or the pool. Once we get out in the sun, I switch her into her hat, but for all the fun pool pictures, I love adding a cute accessory!


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