Cute DIY Halloween Decor: Family Pumpkin Project!

I love Halloween: It’s right in the middle of one of my favorite seasons, and there are so many opportunities for great fall and Halloween-inspired craft projects. As much as I love crafting, I’m also realistic with an active toddler on my hands, too. Instead of a labor (and cleanup) intensive project like pumpkin carving, we opted to go for painting pumpkins with Judah this year. We decided to give the whole project a sweet family touch by each of us painting our handprint on our own pumpkins.

This entire craft project only took us 5 minutes to do, with super cute results – and Judah loved the chance to get artistic and a little bit messy! Check it out.

  • DIY Halloween Decor in Just 5 Minutes!

    DIY Halloween Decor in Just 5 Minutes!

    Who doesn't love a good craft project? Better yet, who doesn't love a craft project you can do in just 5 minutes with your family?

    Click on through for the super simple tutorial!

  • The Supplies

    The Supplies

    You'll need the following supplies:

    Pumpkins (one per member of your family) Acrylic paint (acrylic will be more weatherproof than tempera or water-based paints) A paper plate or bowl to put your paint in A smock for little ones LOTS of baby wipes!
  • Taste Test!

    Taste Test!

    Once I suited up Judah in his smock, he got right to work inspecting the pumpkins - maybe a little too curious!

  • The Artist at Work

    The Artist at Work

    Judah was at first reluctant to dip his hand into the paint, but with a little help, he thought it was pretty neat. The biggest challenge was getting him not to touch anything except the pumpkin!

  • Have a Backup Pumpkin (or Two!) for the Kiddos

    Have a Backup Pumpkin (or Two!) for the Kiddos

    I'm glad I bought two mini pumpkins, because as soon as Judah put his hand on the pumpkin, he started smearing his fingers all over it. It took four tries before we finally got a handprint that actually had fingers instead of a black blob!

  • My Turn!

    My Turn!

    My hands are obviously bigger than Judah's, but still petite, so I used a medium-sized sugar pumpkin for my handprint.

  • A Trick or Treat Trio

    A Trick or Treat Trio

    Voila! The finished product. My husband has bigger hands, so he got his very own full-sized Jack O Lantern pumpkin. This simple Halloween decoration is perfect for indoors or outdoors and makes a cute statement on your dining table or your front stoop!

  • Play with Grouping

    Play with Grouping

    If you have a bigger family, you can play with all kinds of groupings to make them stand out. If we had front steps, these would look super cute stacked going down steps! The possibilities are endless for this super easy Halloween craft project!

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