15 Disney Character Mashups That Make Great Baby Boy Names

When it comes to hunting for the perfect baby name, Disney characters offer a great place to start. There are so many great baby names to choose from!

But, if you’re looking for something that’s a bit further off the beaten path than Riley (Inside Out) or Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), then perhaps a mash-up of Disney character names would be the way to go.

Here are a few baby name mash-ups for boys to get you started (and you can find the girl names version of this list here)!


dex-sq1. Dex

Dex = Dale + Rex

Dale, one half of the dynamic chipmunk duo Chip ‘n’ Dale — pairs nicely with Rex, the lovable toy tyrannosaurus from Toy Story. Dex is a great “short and sweet” alternative for those who like names like Jack, Finn, Jude, etc.

2. Maxwell

Maxwell = Max + Wall-E

I’ll admit this one is a bit of a stretch, but just go with it. Max is the name of Prince Eric’s dog from The Little Mermaid as well as a shortened version of Maximus, the horse from Tangled. And who could forget the adorable star of the movie WALL-E? The name Maxwell is a fresh and more unique option than the more often used  Max.

3. Tobin

Tobin = Toby + Sven

Toby is the name of a dog from “The Great Mouse Detective,” but I remember it more prominently from an old Disney live action film Toby Tyler (one of my favorites as a kid!). When paired with Sven (the reindeer sidekick to Kristof in Frozen) makes for a cool and unexpected name in Tobin.

archer-sq4. Archer

Archer = Archimedes + Oliver

The name Archer is a personal favorite of mine and has Disney roots in the mash-up of Archimedes (the little owl from Sword in the Stone) and Oliver (the cat from Oliver & Company).

5. Slaton

Slaton = Slade + Winston

These Disney characters may be a bit obscure, but they definitely still fit the bill. Slade is the surname of Amos Slade — antagonist from The Fox & the Hound — and Winston is the name is the butler from Oliver & Company. Slaton is a nice variation of the name Slate, which has become more popular recently.

6. Jamus

Jamus = James + Angus

One of my favorite Disney villains is the infamous Captain James Hook. When his first name is mashed up with the name Angus (as in Angus McBadger from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) it makes a fresh take on the classic name James.

7. Beck

Beck = Ben + Donald Duck

Beck is a name that has increased wildly in popularity over recent years and is a nice blend of the name Ben (a settler in Disney’s Pocahontas) and a borrowing of the “ck” from much-loved classic character Mr. Donald Duck.

8. Blakely

Blakely = Blake + Lyle

Blakey is based off of the name Blake — the pigeon in the movie Bolt — and and Lyle Snodgrass — from The Fox & the Hound 2. Together they make up this fresh take on Blake.

9. Kade

Kade = Kanga + Slade

Winnie the Pooh lovers can borrow the name of little Roo’s mama, Kanga, and match is up with the last name Slade — from Amos Slade in The Fox & the Hound to form the strong and unique name Kade.

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