Crawling at Last, and Why It’s My Favorite Stage

At Hayden’s 9-month check up, our pediatrician started to get slightly concerned that Hayden wasn’t yet crawling, or showing signs to crawl. At his appointment, he was barely even rolling in fact, and wanted nothing to do with trying to pull up or stand. I quite honestly wasn’t worried until she started to worry a bit, and when she said she wanted to see him back in a month, instead of wait till his 1-year check up, I couldn’t help but panic a little bit. Mother’s intuition and our “gut” goes a long way in getting us through this journey, but when your pediatrician, who’s been with you since your first born, starts to get a little concerned, it’s almost impossible not to breathe a bit less easy. But alas, have no fear, because just 3 days shy of his 11-month birthday, Hayden started crawling and my fears were laid to rest!

  • Crawling at Last

    Crawling at Last

    While to me, it seemed to take a long time for Hayden to crawl, especially since my other two crawled by 9 1/2 months, come to find out, a lot of babies don’t take to crawling until they’re almost 1, and some don’t crawl at all! Either way, I’m just thrilled to see our little guy reach this memorable, and very cute, milestone.

  • Gaining Independence

    Gaining Independence

    I could tell that the last few weeks have been frustrating for Hayden, because he was yearning for a bit more independence. He would cry out in frustration when he couldn’t reach a toy, or yell for us to come help him with a very forceful scream. In just the two days since he started to crawl, we’ve seen him get a lot of satisfaction from testing his limits, and getting toys on his own.

  • The Most Random Things to Entice

    The Most Random Things to Entice

    Because this new-found mobility is such a novelty for the whole family, the big kids especially are having a great time enticing Hayden to crawl with the most random of objects. Yesterday it was a small ruler that made him move all over the house!

  • Time to Baby Proof!

    Time to Baby Proof!

    I love this stage when they just begin to crawl because they aren’t so fast that they slip out of your watchful eye in a matter of seconds. He’s still learning and gaining his strength, so I’m not feeling like I constantly have to hover to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or go where he’s not supposed to. Although I’m sure he’ll get quick really fast, so it’s definitely time to start baby-proofing!

  • The View from Behind

    The View from Behind

    I love this stage the most because of the cute view from behind, as they crawl away. Wobbly baby legs that are just learning to walk sure are cute, but you can’t beat a sweet baby tush moving from side to side as they try to escape the safety of their home!

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