Counting Down to Her 2nd Birthday

Two years ago today, I was very pregnant and patiently awaiting the arrival of my second child. I honestly thought she might show up at any moment because I started having Braxton Hicks contractions in September. I was convinced that, although she wasn’t due until October 20th, she would make an appearance long before her due date. I was wrong.

My little girl, Jada, arrived three days late on October 23rd. My life hasn’t been the same since. Our lives were already filled with joy at the time because we were in the midst of raising an amazing 2-year-old boy, but Jada added to that joy in such a remarkable way and she has made all of our lives brighter. My heart grew the day she was born.

Now, with her birthday just two weeks away, we just can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Everything seems to go by faster with baby number two. And although there are tons of similarities, so much is different with our second child. From breastfeeding to sleeping habits to favorite toys, each of our kids have their own unique way of being in the world. It’s amazing to watch.

As I approach Jada’s birthday, I find myself thinking about so much. I’m reminiscing about all the magical moments I have shared with her since her birth. I am thinking about the beautiful bond she is developing with her older brother. I am thinking about how quickly the next two years may go by.

Also, I find myself thinking about whether or not Jada will be my last child. Should we have another baby? Is three the magic number or should we stop at two? Can my heart possibly expand anymore than it already has? Growing babies definitely have a way of making moms wonder about what’s next.

In these weeks leading up to her birthday, I will cherish our moments together, soak in all the baby-ness that’s left, and plan a celebration that show her how excited we are about having her in our lives.

So the countdown to 2 is in full effect. I hope you join me in these last few weeks as I share more magical moments with all of you, my Disney Baby family. This will be the month I bid you all farewell. I look forward to sharing more before I have to do so.

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