Conversations with a Three-Month-Old

I love spending my days with Macks. He’s with me nearly all day everyday and I am soaking it up as much as I can. Most of our days are spent in a routine of getting my girls ready and my oldest off to preschool, but every once in a while we get a break from the usual and get to spend a little down time with just the two of us.


Today Macks was in an usually good mood. Nothing could go wrong in his world and he made sure to let me know with a lot of conversations. Although it’s baby talk, I love to take some time from each day to just sit and talk with Macks. He is much more talkative than any of my girls were, so it’s a special treat for me when I can have him sitting in my lap and he’s cooing at me for nearly 10 minutes.

This afternoon he sat on my lap and we just talked. He sat and smiled at me while making the cutest noises. I would respond to him with a smile on my face and my little baby talk. As I talked with him, I’d look at his face light up. Sometimes he would laugh other times he would closely observe my lips as they moved. He was so into the conversation and you could tell that he was just as happy to be in that moment together as I was.

He may not say much, but no words are needed for a moment like this.

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