Complete, but Never Completed

Last month, we went to Disneyland to celebrate my littlest love’s birthday. She’s got a soft spot for the mouse, and it was so fun recreating the magic that occurred years earlier when we took her older sister to Disneyland to celebrate her second birthday. As we walked around immersing ourselves in some Disney magic, I remember thinking about Walt Disney’s quote on Disneyland and how it will never be completed.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” ~ Walt Disney


As I sit here writing my final post for Disney Baby, and reflecting on my first, I can’t help but think that in some ways as a mother, I will never be completed. My family will never be completed.

I will always be growing, striving to be the best human being I can be. The best wife, mother, daughter, colleague and friend. And the same goes for my family’s members – we will always be changing and growing and over time our family has literally grown too.

Some of my greatest growth has happened here at Disney Baby as I’ve sat behind my laptop sharing stories about my baby, my journey through motherhood, and life with a big and a little. I will never grow tired of saying what a gift this job has been to me and my family. A job that invited me to slow down and savor the sweetness of babyhood. To chronicle this quickly fleeting time, reliving the excitement and wonder again and again, providing me a place to leave pieces of my heart in hopes that one day my children will be able to read them should they choose. A place we can return to in order to get a small glimpse into our “once upon a time.”

I no longer look at life the way I once did. I’ve learned to see the magic present in even the smallest simplest moments, that grace abounds in all things, even the most challenging ones. I’ve learned that my greatest treasures aren’t the material things that I acquire, but the memories I make with the people I love.

I’ve cried as I’ve read the stories of my colleagues and marveled at their babies and the courage they possess while navigating parenthood. I felt their love and support as they’ve hugged me in the form of typed characters. I’ve dreamed, imagined, and wished to my heart’s content, and then I took deep breaths, leaps of faith, and acted.

I will miss this place so much. A place that has been a virtual home for much of my toddler’s life. A place that I still get excited to go to because it just feels too good to be true and at the same time meant to be. Who knew that the little girl who walked around with a stuffed baby Mickey would grow up to write for him?

I am thankful that a man had a dream — a dream that involved some imagination and a mouse. A dream that has trickled down touching others, affording me the chance to live out my own dream of being at home with my children for a season. A dream that reminds us that magic is all around us — even in a blog post.

And so I leave here, charged to keep believing, dreaming and doing. To keep imagining so that I might continue to grow, never truly being completed. Yet, all the while feeling rather complete — knowing that everything I need is right here alongside me.

It’s in the faces of the people who make up the stories I’ve shared here in this special corner of the internet.

Thank you for reading my words, for sharing your wisdom and stories, and for growing and dancing in the magic of baby and toddlerhood with me.

I’ll still be dancing, just not here any longer. I hope you’ll keep dancing too.

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