20 Delightful Baby Names That Mean “Happiness!”

Who wouldn’t want to give their child a name that exudes joy and glee? Certainly Baby is bound to embody their happy name and grow up wearing a big adorable smile. Check out this inspiring list of girl and boy names that have happy and otherwise positive meanings.

Happy Baby Names Sure to Make you Smile


1. Aida – Italian, meaning “happy.”

2. Blythe – English, meaning “carefree.”

3. Gwyneth – Welsh, meaning “happiness” or “blessed.”

4. Felicity – English, meaning “happiness.”

5. Hillary – from the Latin root “hilarius,” meaning “cheerful and merry.”

6. Keiko – Japanese, meaning “blessing.”

7. Leda – Greek, meaning “happy.”

8. Nara – Gaelic, meaning “happy.”

9. Bliss – English, meaning “joy.”

10. Farah – Muslim, meaning “cheerfulness.”


1. Alan – Celtic, meaning “harmony.”

2. Asher – Hebrew, meaning “fortunate.”

3. Fane – Welsh, meaning “good natured.”

4. Felix – Latin, meaning “happy” or “lucky.”

5. Hani – Muslim, meaning “delighted.”

6. Ilario – Latin, meaning “cheerful.”

7. Isaac – Hebrew, meaning “laughter.”

8. Parvaiz – Muslim, meaning “fortunate” or “successful.”

9. Jaren – English, meaning “cry of rejoicing.”

10. Tate – English, meaning “cheerful.”

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