Cloud B Disney Baby Sound Soothers

White noise sound machines are pretty much the best invention in the history of ever. When parents-to-be ask me what items they should have on their baby registry, I always emphatically recommend white noise. When babies are tiny, they work like magic to put them to sleep almost instantly, and as they get older they still make a great part of a bedtime routine – particularly for light sleepers. My daughter still uses one at 20 months! Having a white noise, sound soother option to take with you on-the-go is always nice too, which is why I love these Cloud B Sound Soothers!

Cloud B Disney Baby Sound Soothers

Cloud B has partnered with Disney Baby to create a line of plush sound soothers that are great for taking white noise with you on-the-go! You can choose from Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse and Simba and they are all $29.95 from Cloud B.

Here’s a little video of my daughter trying out the Minnie Mouse Sound Soother at Costco the other day – she loved it! And even though we don’t necessarily need to take white noise everywhere with us these days, a cozy music-playing plush Disney doll would be much-loved around these parts. (Note: If you happen to have a Costco near you, they are currently selling the sound soothers for $9.99 there!)

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