A Classic Teether

A lot has changed when it comes to the products that parents have to choose from for caring for their babies. I love having so many choices, but sometimes I remember something I used in the church nursery when I first started helping out with smaller children, or even later when I had my first babysitting jobs, and I wonder if anyone still uses anything similar. I am happy to report that they do! Elvie has had a ton of teeth coming in all at once lately, so I have been looking for teethers. When I was first taking care of babies, there was one kind of teether, and it was in the refrigerator of every household with a baby that was teething. It’s the classic water-filled teether.


While various textures and density of material might feel good on baby’s gums, nothing quite does the trick like a little bit of cool pressure. I love that you can still find these teethers, and that now they are available in BPA free plastic. You can purchase the Winnie the Pooh Water Filled Soother from Sears. Pop it in the fridge, and it will be ready for use whenever your teething baby needs it.

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