Christmas Crooner Baby Names

Whether road tripping to faraway family or hosting a festive fete of your own, chances are you’ve got a healthy dose of Christmas crooners serenading you this weekend. Why not let your favorite singers inspire your future little one’s name? Click through for 15 modern baby names inspired by the classic folks we love to listen to all season long…

  • Christmas crooners unite!

    Christmas crooners unite!

    15 Christmas crooner-approved baby names – right here at Disney Baby!

  • Benton


    Brook Benton’s “Our First Christmas Together” is a treasured, timeless holiday song. Why not inspire a bit of holiday magic in your newborn baby with a perfectly modern name, Benton?

  • Cole


    Inspired by Nat King Cole, this is a perfect name option for girl or boy – as long as they’ve got some pipes to follow their namesake’s footsteps!

  • Crosby


    Every December, Bing Crosby is on repeat in our home. What a perfectly festive name to celebrate a new baby boy!

  • Dean


    Dean Martin is the ultimate Christmas crooner, and also makes a fantastic name for a strong, modern boy.

  • Ella


    A no-brainer, Ella Fitzgerald has the voice of an angel – and the perfect name choice for your own little angel girl!

  • Fitz


    If you’re a huge Ella Fitzgerald fan and are having a boy, don’t fret! Fitz is the perfect name for a spunky, boisterous young man.

  • Frankie


    How could we feature a crooner list without including Frank Sinatra himself? I love the idea of naming a baby girl Frankie for a modern twist on a classic name.

  • Martin


    Who says Dean was the more famous Martin man? Freddy Martin’s “Sleigh Ride” is an all-time classic.

  • Monroe


    Named for everyone’s favorite “Frosty The Snow Man” singer, Vaughn Monroe, this would be a perfect modern namesake for a baby girl or boy.

  • Nat


    All-time favored crooner Nat King Cole’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” is a huge hit in our home. What a perfect name for a baby girl!

  • Perry


    Perry Como’s “Winter Wonderland” is the perfect jump-start inspiration for naming a boy or girl.

  • Presley


    How could we forget the King? Elvis crooned his fair share of Christmas songs, and Presley makes for a wonderful, gender-neutral homage to an inspired man.

  • Vaughn


    Another Vaughn Monroe reference, but this one would be perfect for a quirky young boy.

  • Vera


    Vera Lynn’s “The Christmas Song” was a huge hit, and the baby name Vera is sure to be the same.

  • Wilson


    Named after Nancy Wilson’s famed Christmas selections, Wilson is a fine choice for a festive young lad.

If you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s awesome baby name finder!

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