11 Modern-Sounding Baby Names Inspired by Classic Singers

Why not let your favorite singers inspire your future little one’s name? Take a look at these 15 modern baby names inspired by the classic crooners we all love to listen to.

1. Cole – Inspired by Nat King Cole, this is a perfect name option for girl or boy – as long as they’ve got some pipes to follow their namesake’s footsteps!

2. Crosby – Every December, Bing Crosby is on repeat in our home. What a lovely name for a new baby boy!

3. Dean – Dean Martin is a musical legend, and this name would be fantastic for a modern boy.

4. Martin – We know who you’re thinking of, but who says Dean was the most famous Martin? Don’t forget Freddy Martin!


5. Ella – A no-brainer, Ella Fitzgerald has the voice of an angel – and Ella is the perfect name choice for your angelic little girl!

6. Fitz – If you’re a huge Ella Fitzgerald fan but are having a boy, don’t fret! Fitz is a great name for a spunky, boisterous young man.

7. Frankie – How could we have a list of classic singers without including Frank Sinatra himself? I love the idea of naming a baby girl Frankie as well.

8. Monroe – In reference to the singer Vaughn Monroe, this would be a perfect modern namesake for a baby girl or boy.

9. Vaughn – Another Vaughn Monroe reference, but this one would be perfect for a quirky young boy.

10. Perry – As in Perry Como!

11. Presley – How could we forget the King? Presley makes for a wonderful, gender-neutral homage to an inspired man.


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