Christmas Carols and Instruments for a Little Holiday Cheer

This season of our family life is incredibly busy. We recently found out that the original quoted time that Elvie would be in her brace was incorrect, and she will be in it through the holidays. This adds extra appointments to our days and keeps us working a bit harder to do a lot of our normal activities. Add to that the fact that Elvie cannot go in a car seat while she’s in her brace, and we are handed a challenge. How can we create holiday fun without adding a lot of extra effort and without the benefit of getting some places by car? It’s actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Even on a weeknight, we can do something a little fun and special. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or take place outside our home to be festive. One Tuesday night, we had a Christmas carols and instruments night, inviting our downstairs neighbors up to join us for a sing-along. We pulled out all the instruments we could find and let the kids have a blast. As you can see, it wasn’t anything complicated, but it was obviously a lot of fun.

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