5 Questions We Asked When Choosing a Pediatrician

Choosing your child’s pediatrician is such an important task. Before doing so, I recommend calling your OBGYN for his or her suggestions and a few close friends who you trust. This will give you a starting off point!

When we were searching for ours, we actually wound up “interviewing” four different doctors until we found the best fit for our family. This was wonderful, because it gave us the ability to start building a relationship with the doctor before Aiden was even born.

Here are a few important questions that we asked when choosing a pediatrician.

  • choosing a doctor

    Choosing a Doctor

    Here are some questions to think about when choosing a doctor for your child.

  • close to home?

    Close to Home?

    Is the doctor’s office close by? It is worth it (in my opinion) to choose a doctor that is convenient for you and close by your home!

  • new patients?

    Taking New Patients?

    Is the office taking on new patients?

  • after hours?

    After Hours Care?

    Do they have weekend or after hour care? “On call” phone nurses? This was incredibly important to me! Aiden’s first year of life I called our “on call” nurses all the time. It gave me a lot of peace knowing that I could talk to them at any time.

  • insurance?


    Do they accept your insurance? This is an important question to ask before you commit.

  • how you parent

    Respect for Your Parenting Approach?

    Does the doctor respect your approach to parenting? What is the doctor’s experience & availability?

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