Choosing Between a Double or Triple Stroller

Choosing a stroller can be tricky. Choosing a double or triple stroller can be even trickier!

If you are a busy mom like me, then choosing the right stroller will be an important decision for you to make. I knew that I would be using this daily and that asking the right questions would be incredibly important in the decision making process!


I was on bedrest a lot of this pregnancy and I normally love to be on the go… so finding a stroller to get us all out of the house became a must!
Triple Stroller

When I was pregnant with Ainsleigh we chose a double stroller that we loved. Aiden, our oldest, could easily sit on one side and Ainsleigh’s baby carrier could snap into the other side. Then as she grew she could sit like Aiden did. The seats were side by side (which I loved) and it wasn’t too bulky. The problem was, it didn’t fit anywhere! I would have to find special mall entrances that were wide enough for it to fit through…it turned out to be harder than I thought it would be to maneuver.

Then came the decision with this new pregnancy… do we even need a triple stroller? Is it necessary?

I knew that we could easily just use the double stroller that we already had. But both of my toddlers love to ride. And we are out and about daily, so would a triple stroller make this easier? Yes. Would we get our “money’s worth”? Yes!

This second time, we decided to go with a stroller that was not side by side. I wanted one that was easier to maneuver, could fit through any doorway, and was even easier to throw in the trunk of my car. Everyone has different preferences and needs, so a side-by-side stroller could be perfect for you!

The triple stroller that we chose has a place for my oldest to stand or sit (it can be easily switched within a matter of seconds), a place for my 2-year-old to sit in the middle, and our newborn to ride in the front. It also has the option for a baby carrier to pop in or out, which was important to me. One thing I do miss about our double stroller was that it was a jogging type of stroller with larger wheels and this new triple stroller is not made to be used in that way.

Overall, we have been so happy with our choice!

What kind of stroller do you have? Do you love it or would you replace it if you could?

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