20 Celestial Themed Baby Names

When it comes to selecting a name for your baby, there are so many sources of inspiration. From family names passed down through generations to trendier names that reflect your style, the perfect baby name can come from anywhere!

Have you considered that one of these places for inspiration could be in the night sky? Names inspired by stars, planets, and constellations are gaining popularity. Some have a decidedly classic feel, while others have more of a trendy vibe, but no matter the style, they’re all simply heavenly.

Here are 20 celestial-inspired names for baby girls and boys. Which is your favorite?


Aurora– As in the Aurora Borealius, or Northern Lights, an aurora is a display of light in the sky. This name originates from the Roman goddess of the dawn. And bonus: it’s also the name of one of our favorite Disney princesses!

LunaLuna refers to the moon, and is also the name of the Roman personification of the moon. It’s a beautiful name, don’t you think?

NovaA nova occurs when a star suddenly becomes much brighter and then fades.

EstellaLike its variation Stella, Estella means “star-like.”

ElaraAccording to Nameberry, Elara is one of Jupiter’s moons. I like it!

LedaLeda is another one of Jupiter’s moons. Twin girl names, perhaps?

PortiaThe name of one of the moons of planet Uranus, Portia is a beautiful name for your baby girl. It’s also the name of one of Shakespeare’s most famous heroines (in The Merchant of Venice).


CelesteThis name means “heavenly,” and what better word to describe your sweet girl?

LeiaLeia means “child of heaven” or “heavenly flowers.”  And who could forget Princess Leia from Star Wars?

MiraA star in the constellation Cetus, the name Mira is gaining popularity.


CaelumMeaning a “faint constellation in the southern sky,” Caelum is also a very on-trend baby boy name.

AriesAs you’re probably aware, Aries is the sign of the ram in the zodiac, whose characteristics are optimistic, courageous, and independent. All things I’d want for my little guy!

LeoAnother astrological sign, Leos are said to be confident, loyal, and encouraging.

OberonOne of the 18 moons of planet Uranus.

DracoDraco, or “dragon,” is the name of one of the constellations in the Northern Hemisphere.

OrionA constellation known as “the hunter.” I think this makes a great name for a baby boy.

MerakMerak is a greeninsh star in the constellation Ursa Major. It’s one of the points in the “bowl” of the Big Dipper.

SkyeLike Skyler, Schuyler, and Sky, Skye is a unisex name referring to the heavens.

LynxThe name of a constellation in the northern sky, Lynx is a great boy’s name with an edgy vibe.

CorvusCorvus is another name for a constellation, and it means crow or raven.

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