Celebrating Your Little One’s Growth with good2grow

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and for giving me a sample of good2grow juices for free.

My favorite parties are ones that incorporate things that the guest of honor loves. When planning a party for the two and under crowd, it’s easy to get caught up in the planning or focus on all the grownups — after all, the smallest partygoers are too young to remember all those details that kept you up crafting until the wee hours of the morning. Plus, on the day of the celebration, it’s unlikely they will compliment your handmade garland or carefully curated meat and cheese platter.

But likely, one day your child will sit and revisit that special day, and get a glimpse at your labor of love by way of photographs or home videos. At that time, they may ooh and ahh over the garland, but the biggest smiles might come from the memories prompted by the turn of each page.

They were only one or two at the time, and yet so much of who they were — who they are — was interwoven through a celebration that was more than a soirée but a celebration of them and the magic they brought to the lives of their loved ones.

There was that time you ditched the fancy fruit platter for a bowl of fresh blueberries. Blueberries were their favorite.

Dad grilled mini cheeseburgers. It was a lot of work prepping all those parties, and you promised yourself you’d get a sandwich platter next time. Even so, your toddler loved cheeseburgers. To this day, it’s still their favorite food.

You’ve told so many stories about your monthly trip to the donut shop back when they were small. Their favorite — cake donuts with sprinkles. And look, for their birthday you ditched the cake for a tower of donuts. The next day you ate the leftovers for breakfast.


For as long as they can remember, they’ve always loved books. Every night before bed, you’d sit beside them and together you’d turn pages. How perfect that for their first birthday you bought a book that everyone signed, a book you sit and read on the eve of their birthday every year.

One day your little one won’t be so little. And they will come to realize just how closely you were paying attention to the details — the ones that mattered to them. You noticed the way their eyes lit up the first time they watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse who soon thereafter became a favorite. Or how they felt like a big kid drinking out of the same juice container as their big sister.

I love the special decorative details that go into throwing a party, but my favorite ones are those that adorn the heart — things (and the people) that make my children’s faces light up.

Last year for my little one’s birthday, our spread included snacks for babies and toddlers. Juice boxes make a regular appearance at the celebrations I host. They are easy for little hands to hold, but sometimes they can be a little messy (careful not to squeeze the box!). Good2grow bottles are a fun alternative. They are easy to hold, are 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors, so you can feel good about serving them to guests. And best of all, they feature Disney characters, making them both great beverage options during the party and fun favors to take home afterward — the tips are spill-proof and reusable. (Finally, a favor that won’t go to waste or end up on the floor of your car.)

Because what would a party be without a special appearance by the guest of honor’s favorite character? Thankfully you always remembered the details — the ones that mattered to your toddler. The ones that the two of you will smile and laugh about one afternoon as you look at photos and reflect on their once upon a time.

If you’re planning a special celebration for your little one or know they are going to love these so much it just might feel like their birthday, here’s a coupon for a free 6 pack with the purchase of a single serve bottle valid through 8/31.

Tell me, do you serve your little one’s favorite foods and drinks at their birthday parties? Have you tried an alternative to serving beverages in juice boxes or plastic cups?

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