Celebrating the Fun of Amani’s First Eid

A few weeks ago, my little Amani celebrated her first Eid, festival, that marked the end of Ramadan. Even though I didn’t get to participate during the month long of fasting, I was all in for the celebratory feasting to commemorate the end. While I’ve definitely experienced Eid with children before, I’ve never been through it with a newborn.

Celebrating the Fun of Baby's First Eid Holiday

Celebrating Eid with a newborn is a different experience. This time, I became more of an observer versus a roll-up-my-sleeves-and-get-in-there role. The whole day essentially revolved around Amani’s needs and schedule. Instead of attending the earlier prayer service, we opted for the latest of the three to make sure that she would be well-fed and rested. My clothing was selected with care months in advance. My light chiffon dress featured a button-down top that was essential for nursing on demand. A fussy necklace was nixed, as it would interfere with nursing, but I opted for a ruffle finished scarf as my statement accessory. I made sure to dress my little girl in something comfortable that wouldn’t irritate her throughout the day. A sweet mint striped dress for prayer and pictures, then a cozy Eid onesie for the remainder of the day.

Even with a newborn, I couldn’t forget about my older girls. They woke up to find pretty new dresses and a beautiful little display of Eid gifts. As they ripped through the festive wrapping paper on their presents, I imagined that one day Amani, too, will be amongst her sisters relishing in the joy of gifts on Eid morning. With wrapping paper everywhere, I jumped at the chance for a perfect photo-op to commemorate Amani’s first holiday with us. Her arrival into our lives has truly been a gift!

I truly savored the moments that day. Having a newborn allowed me to slow down and take in everything around me. I soaked up the joy in my daughters’ eyes as they enjoyed themselves during the day. I appreciated all the beauty around me reflected in people’s finest clothes and happy smiles. I loved sharing the day with loved ones and introducing Amani to friends and family that hadn’t met her yet.

The beauty of newborns is that everything feels like it’s happening for the first time all over again. I smiled from ear to ear all day long as she went through a long list of holiday firsts with us. Her presence boosted our celebratory mood. Her “newness” added a freshness to the day. The family was eager to pose with her and to share this day with her. Even though all the while she was none the wiser, without her, it wouldn’t have been such a special Eid.

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