Celebrating Magical Moments with Disney Baby

It’s no secret that I love being a Disney Mom. As a first-time mom, Disney Baby has taught me how to celebrate all of the wonderful, special little moments of life with Baby and I feel so humbled and honored that I get to share those moments with all of you, too. Motherhood isn’t glamorous – but it is fun bonding with my little one, watching him grow and explore his world, and sharing Disney magic together as a family.

If you’re expecting a little one of your own or have just welcomed Baby into your family, Disney Baby is the place to get inspired, celebrate all those magical moments, and add a dash of Disney magic to life with Baby!

Get to know more about Disney Baby!

  • Get to Know Disney Baby!

    Get to Know Disney Baby!

    What is Disney Baby?

    Disney Baby is for every family: the brand from The Walt Disney Company for expecting moms and moms and dads of 0-2 year olds, to help them create magical moments right from the start with Baby.

    Click on through to learn about everything Disney Baby has to offer you and your family!

  • Something For Every Moment of the Day

    Something For Every Moment of the Day

    The website has sections for each Moment of the Day you spend with Baby – even before Baby arrives! Get pregnancy advice and information in the Getting Ready for Baby section. Get inspired with our In the Nursery and Dressing Baby sections.

    Take a peek at a day in the life of Baby in the On-the-go, Mealtime, Playtime, and Bathtime sections. And have your tissues handy for all the magical stories of Baby’s Firsts!

  • Moms and Dads in the Know

    Looking for a little inspiration for life with your little one?

    Within each section of the website, you can find inspiring ideas in each of our blog posts. Our panel of Disney Baby bloggers includes pregnant moms-to-be and new and seasoned moms and dads of 0-2 year olds who share heartfelt stories, DIY tutorials, parenting tips and product ideas. You can also find all blog posts under our dedicated Blog section.

    Check out the Disney Baby Blog now

  • All Your Favorite Disney Baby Products

    Disney Baby is the one place to find the biggest selection of Disney Baby products available at all the places you shop, from Babies”R”Us, Walmart and Target to Kmart, Disney Store and more! Come back often to see all the new products coming out with your favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and characters from The Lion King, Monsters, Inc. and more.

    Find your favorite Disney Baby Products right here

  • 1-Click Shopping

    In each Moment of the Day section along the top of each page, you can check the box to see products only, go the All Products section, or just use the search feature at the top of the page. Buying your favorite Disney Baby products is as simple as clicking on the product button and being taken right to the retailer’s website to add it to your online cart.

    See the Top Selling Disney Baby Products this month

  • Discover Magical Moments

    Disney Baby celebrates all of the magical moments of life with Baby… including yours! Our Magical Moments section is a place to share photos of your little character for the world to see.

    Add your Magical Moment now

  • The Disney Baby Magical Moments Newsletter

    The Disney Baby Magical Moments Newsletter is a curated collection of the top blogs and products of the week, with offers, sales and a weekly quote from Winnie the Pooh. Each week is themed around a Moment of the Day, too. 

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  • Come Get Social!

    Come Get Social!

    There are plenty of ways to stay connected with Disney Baby: be our friend on Facebook and get the latest products and blog posts, plus weekly wall prizes within our community of over 2 million fans. Post adorable pictures of your #DisneyBaby and enjoy fun photo challenges with us on Instagram. Twitter features deals, sales, sweepstakes, last-minute savings and fun products posts. Our Pinterest boards feature products from each Moment of the Day as well as character and holiday themed boards to help you add a dash of Disney Magic to any moment or occasion.

  • Disney Baby In Stores

    For those who like to shop, our flagship Disney Baby Store is located in Glendale, California. We also have a Disney Baby shop inside Disney Store Times Square and dedicated Disney Baby sections in all Disney Stores.

    Explore all the magic that Disney Baby has to offer you and your family

  • Magical Moments Right from the Start

    Magical Moments Right from the Start

    Disney Baby encourages you to create and celebrate magical moments every day with your child and we want to be here to help with real-world parenting advice, timeless stories, and beloved characters to share with your child.

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