Celebrating Half-Birthdays

I’ve been noticing a trend happening that many families are embracing – the celebration of baby’s half-birthday. I guess, for some, waiting until the grand first birthday is just too much to bear and they want to celebrate every milestone they can. So when baby reaches six months, they throw a mini-party. 


My friend Jasmine decided to throw a party for her son’s half-birthday because (in her own words) she is “an over-the-top first-time mom” and loves any reason to celebrate. Also, her son, AC, was born in the winter time while she and AC’s dad are summer babies. She wanted to be able to celebrate her baby in the summer time as well. Her son is now a year and a half, and they just celebrated another half birthday party. The parties have evolved into charity events, since they ask those who attend to donate to a charity in lieu of bringing presents for AC. They plan to hold these events every year now.

I think it’s a fun tradition, and as AC grows up, I believe he will really look forward to his summer half-birthday event. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to get together with family and friends to eat half a cake and love on the (half) birthday boy or girl.

Did you celebrate your baby’s half-birthday?

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