Celebrate Baby! | “You Are My Sunshine” Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” Everybody with me now… “You make me happyyyyy, when skies are gray!” Over the past couple of years, this precious song has taken off in popularity! Home décor, clothing, crafts, you name it, and the song has inspired it. This song has special meaning to me as it was sung during my daughter’s kindergarten graduation ceremony. Since then, we pretty much break out in song at any moment. Baby Z was only a few months old when my oldest graduated kindergarten last year. Whenever Zaynab is fussy, Jenin will sing the song to her and immediately calm her down. It’s seriously the sweetest thing ever.

With the song constantly on our minds and the summer sun shinning brightly now, I couldn’t help but feature this gorgeous baby shower that takes it’s theme and color palette from this lovely song. Charming Touch Parties shone bright with this awesome baby shower! Without a doubt, current mamas and mommies-to-be know that babies truly are the sunshine in our lives.

  • Cheery Mantel

    Cheery Mantel

    The forecast for this party calls for bright and cheery sunshine all day long. The popular trend of yellow and gray works perfectly with the theme of the song.

    DIY Tip: Recreate this awesome décor with decorated onesies, fabric knot garland, and everyone’s favorite tissue paper pom-poms.

    All photography credits to Megan Kelly Photography.

    Event services by Charming Touch Parties

  • Flowery Burst

    Flowery Burst

    Flowers instantly add charm and beauty to any event. Bring in blooms that pack a great pop of color to match your color scheme.

    Floral arrangements by Floral Wonders

  • DIY Decor

    DIY Decor

    If you haven’t attempted a tissue paper pom-pom, today’s the day! The steps are simple and the result is fun and festive. The most affordable way to add pops of color and trendy touches to an event.

  • DIY Details

    DIY Details

    DIY Tip: Light some scented votive candles (but not near the food!) and tie the jar with ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme. Your candle automatically goes from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Drink Up the Details

    Drink Up the Details

    It’s all in the details! Every chance that you can infuse your color scheme, go for it! It ties the entire party together and makes for memorable details.

  • Just Add Beauty

    Just Add Beauty

    Sometimes just simple additions and touches, elevate a party quickly. Beautiful wooden utensils are corralled in spruced up buckets. The easy tissue paper fans create a beautiful backdrop for a typically overlooked corner of a party.

  • Mouthwatering Spread

    Mouthwatering Spread

    Would you look at that gorgeous and delicious selection! This menu screams “summer”! Light and healthy, yet filling bites.

    Catering by Moveable Feast Geneva.

  • Yummy Sliders

    Yummy Sliders

    Sliders are just the right size for a party. You can make many with flavorful and tasty ingredients. They make a great presentation. Everyone loves mini food!

    Catering by Moveable Feast Geneva.

  • Perfect Summer Salad

    Perfect Summer Salad

    The strawberries! The blueberries! The candied pecans! This scrumptious salad pulls on our summer taste buds with it’s fresh and tasty toppings. I will definitely be recreating this one this summer!

    Catering by Moveable Feast Geneva.

  • Summer Infused Drinks

    Summer Infused Drinks

    Whatever your drink, the addition of fresh summer berries take your drinks up a notch.

  • Name That Baby!

    Name That Baby!

    What’s a baby shower without baby shower games? Guests had to try to match up the celebrity parents with their celeb-bitty babies.

  • Time For Dessert!

    Time For Dessert!

    My favorite time of the party, the dessert! Such detail, skill, and taste goes into creating these lovely dessert tables. They certainly deserve a special spot during the party.

    DIY Tip: Create your own dessert table display by hanging fabric and garlands. Add fun and whimsical props to the table to match your color scheme.

    Desserts by Bake It.

  • Slice of Sunshine

    Slice of Sunshine

    Simple. Beautiful. Touches of yellow. Just perfect!

    Desserts by Bake It

  • Let Them Eat Cake... Pops!

    Let Them Eat Cake... Pops!

    If you haven’t been bitten by the cake pop bug, it’s probably because you’ve never bitten into a cake pop! These delicious bites are purely sunshine on a stick!

    Desserts by Bake It.

  • Favors


    Incredibly detailed and absolutely beautiful, it’s impossible not to leave with a sunny smile on your face with these awesome favors.

    Event services by Charming Touch Parties

All photography credits to Megan Kelly Photography.




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