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A baby shower held in honor of you and your anticipated little one, is one of the exciting moments of pregnancy. A chance to come together with close friends and family to celebrate the new life that will join this great big world. Having a specific theme is the best way to pull together a fun event for everyone to enjoy.

One that I’ve noticed growing in popularity is a Little Golden Books theme. The classic books were first introduced in 1942 and are making a huge come back lately. Moms and party planners have been searching thrift stores and their own personal stash from their childhood, looking for inspiration and props for the theme. Vanessa of Tried and True hosted an incredible Little Golden Books themed baby shower filled with DIY details. She shares all her tutorials and printables on her site. Click through for all the wonderful details of this popular baby shower theme.

  • Little Golden Books theme baby shower

    Little Golden Books theme baby shower

    Celebrate Baby’s upcoming arrival with a Little Golden Books themed baby shower.

  • You're Invited

    You're Invited

    Vanessa created a beautiful invitation with many lovely details. She provides a simplified version of the Little Golden Books printable invitation here.

  • The Setting

    The Setting

    Have a spacious backyard? Set up tables and chairs for a beautiful and relaxed setting.

  • Book Page Flags

    Book Page Flags

    Good condition book pages were not harmed in the making of this pennant!

    Pages were used from damaged books (missing pages, crayon marks, etc.) to create this festive decoration. Check out the tutorial to make your own book page flag pennant here.

  • Yarn Flowers

    Yarn Flowers

    I love these yarn pom-pom flowers! They add a great pop of color and can help fill in a fresh bouquet as well. Use them in Baby’s nursery as décor when the party is done.

  • Welcome Table

    Welcome Table

    A lovely little table was set up with adorable details that tied in to the theme nicely. Little Golden Book runner, bookworm favors, pictures of the parents as babies, and more!

  • Please Sign In

    Please Sign In

    Guests signed in on a book to be given to Baby. A personal and sentimental touch that becomes a useable keepsake. Perfect!

  • For the Kiddos

    For the Kiddos

    Handmade paper pinwheels were created as favors for the younger guests to enjoy during the day. Find the step by step details to make your own book page pinwheels here.

  • Bookworm Favors

    Bookworm Favors

    Handmade favors were created using sewn book pages, sour gummy worms, and printable tags. So simple but make a great impact. These made for a yummy take home favor.

    Find the details and the printable favor tags here.

  • Book Scramble

    Book Scramble

    A fun little game featuring a childhood book scramble entertained the guests.

    Get your own book scramble printable for your book themed baby shower.

  • Classic Bites

    Classic Bites

    How adorable are these mini apple pies? I love the book pages beneath them. It’s all in the details. The menu for the day consisted of burgers, fries, and lemonade. So classic and laid back.

    Make your own mini apple pies.


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