Cats and Babies: A Purrfect Pair!


When we brought Judah home to Massachusetts after five weeks in the NICU in New Jersey, we realized on the way that we hadn’t exactly prepared his big furry brothers for his arrival. While our two cats are lovely creatures, we weren’t sure just how compatible cats and a new baby would be.

Thankfully, introducing our baby to the cats went smoothly, and we’re all getting used to life together as one big family.

On the long ride home, I scanned the internet for articles about pets and babies and introducing baby to cats. Most seemed to agree that it should be a slow acclimation at first: Let the cats check out your baby’s nursery, let them even climb around the crib and get a feel for things, then keep them out so the room can be cat-free for baby’s arrival.

“Uh oh,” I thought. “We’ll be doing it completely backwards!” The door to Judah’s room had been kept shut while we finished his nursery (which still wasn’t done when we came home, since he came early and we were stuck in NJ for so long). Turns out the cats would get to see Judah’s room the first time he did, too!

Experts also recommend introducing your pets to baby’s scent by sharing a blanket or something that he’s slept in with them first, before having them meet baby. Again, we would be doing it contrary to expert advice, since they came right up to say hello as soon as we got home:

Our two cats, Saba and Toro (yes… they’re each named for sushi) are three years old.

They’re a close pair — brothers — and we were curious to see how each would react. It seems that Toro, our all-orange tabby, seemed to be the most receptive. If anything, he’s been like a watchful older brother:

Toro also has no problem making himself right at home on Judah’s newborn lounger!

Saba has been a bit more distant, but still curious and gentle (and, as he always has been, difficult to catch on film in our house!). He’ll go up to Judah and check him out, but the moment Judah moves, he bolts. Saba has always been our scaredy-cat.

At just seven weeks old, Judah probably still hasn’t processed the fact that he’s got two furry older brothers. But for now, everyone seems to be getting along “purrfectly” great and we can’t wait to watch them all grow up together!

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